Full Version: Electrification
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The world is changing around us with more vehicle and engine manufacturers inching closer and closer to full scale electric product. This forum was established to start capturing any dialog around the pro’s and con’s with electric propulsion systems.
I See where Evoy is now taking pre-orders on their 150 Hp outboard. Torqeedo has been after this electric market for many years, but Evoy looks to be offering a more conventional outboard. I picked up in another forum that their outboard was using an Evinrude lower unit. Not sure who they will source from now that Evinrude is done.
Purewatercraft is another option out there now. Looks like they have started putting together boat packages.
That's pretty smart on their part if you ask me!
Wow!!! $475M that’s crazzzzzy!

The US is the biggest market by far but I can’t see the U.S. moving this direction as quickly as Europe.